Friday, November 5, 2010

LOL with God

I received the book "LOL with God: Devotional Messages of Hope & Humor for Women" in the mail. I feel so many times as women we put ourselves on the back burner. I was very interested to try a new aspect of devotions. I thought it had a humorous "tongue in cheek" about devotionals related to today's texting generation.

While I enjoy the reference, that is where I would like it to stop. I feel that this devotional spent more time developing the texting humor than the actual meat of the word. While I feel there was some great scriptural content, it was overshadowed by the cheesey content. I think some people will not be hung up on that type of humor, it was distracting for me.

I do believe there is some good content, it just was not my style.

I received this book free from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for a completely honest review of the book.

Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids

Sarah Young has written the book "Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions For Kids". It was listed for the starting age of 3. I was so excited to get this book in the mail! The cover art is super cute. The devotions are good, but I think I will wait a little while longer before using this book again with my kids. We tried this for a few sessions and it just didn't work for my 4 year olds. Maybe because they are boys, or because they are 4, but there were not pictures in it. The content is great, but they enjoy the visual parts of Bible reading at this time.

I think this is an awesome devotional for kids. Since I have gotten it, I now see on Amazon the listed age is 9-12. That is appropriate. Get it! Reuse it! Gift it!

I received this book free from Booksneeze in exchange for a completely honest review of the book.