Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to the beginning....

I love to read! I grew up reading books all the time. Before any road trips with my family, I always took out a stack of books from the library. I didn't get car sick, so I would just lay down and read the whole trip! My favorite author growing up was Robin Jones Gunn, and she still is a favorite today.

Three weeks shy of four years ago, this reading frenzy stopped abruptly when our triplets came into our lives. However, the reading urge is still in me. So I decided to start reading more books now, and posting my reviews. It's a way to keep me reading more. You might like what I say, or hate what I say, or not care what I say. It's ok! I'm doing this for me.

Please comment your thoughts about the books if you have read or are interested in reading it. Thanks for reading my blog!!!

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Shawna said...

Robin Jones Gunn---I totally forgot about those books. YOU are the one who got me started on those in college. I read all the books you had and loved every one of them. Recently,I was in a bookstore and looked for her books. I found some but I couldn't remember where I had left off reading. I would LOVE to read more of her books. Someday I suppose I'll have time for reading again. :) By the way..i LOVE this blog! :)