Thursday, April 22, 2010


"Otis" by Loren Long was our second book we received in the mail from the Imagination Library. It is a PERFECT book for little boys (and girls) that love farm equipment and tractors. My boys love tractors, so this was great!

Otis is a little tractor that finds a best friend in a calf. However, he is getting old and his farmer owner replaces him with a much larger yellow tractor. The calf misses his friend and can't find him. He eventually gets himself in trouble. Who can help him without scaring him? You guessed it, his friend Otis.

It is a paperback book, about 12x12 in size. The pages are easy to turn for each of my kids while they sit with it on the floor. If they are in any smaller place, they have a hard time keeping their place in the book without help just because the pages are larger.

My boys like the book. They especially love the pages with the huge, yellow tractor. So far they have enjoyed the books from the Imagination Library! There is just something about getting their OWN book to read, with their OWN names on them!

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